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Tournament Setup Center


This is to help you step by step in filling in the info for your tourney.
There is also a link to the T.D. Training Center up top to help.
Where you can make fake tourneys for practice.
*Great way to try out swiss tourneys!*



  • To Create a tourney go to TD Login (you should have that addy saved to your favorites) and log into TD center.

  • Check the tourney calendar for tourneys already made and what they are. Consider the time you want to host your tourney. Remember, generally we run our tourneys every hour. Rotating between Regs and Alts.

  • Click create a tourney.

  • Choose a format - single, double or swiss and click on submit. Make sure you are approved to host swiss and double elimination tourneys with TD Manager

  • Click on the day of the month you want to have your tourney on the calendar. Each of the yellow numbers represents the number of tournaments scheduled for that day already. If you want a different month then what is showing click on Select Month and Select Year on bottom of page.

  • Next page is the time of day you want your tourney. Remember that 12 AM is midnight. It's a long list and the PM's are at the bottom! : )

  • We are now at the next step of the create tourney process.

make a tour.png


Name of Tournament (optional): Regular Spades
Game: Spades
Game Room Name: The Game your hosting- Spade Asylum, Yahtzee Asylum
Game Room Link:
Tourney Style: Your choice of classic or classic pro
Number of Rounds: 8
Minutes between Round Start Times: (ie, 30, etc.)
Number of Players per Team:  2 (1 for 1v1 tours)
Teams Competing per match:  2
Random Team Partners? Click if this is a random pard's only tour; otherwise, leave blank
Membership Requirements: None
Multiple Day Tournament?  Leave Blank
Invitation Only Tournament?  Leave Blank
Ladder Stats Tournament?  (Leave this checked)
TOC Tournament?  This is for TOC once a month special (leave blank)
Select TOC tournament winners start and end dates: From  to  (leave blank)
Use one of your preset rules pages:  these are your custom league rules once they are saved as a default
Custom message for TOC E-Mail invitation: (leave blank)

Select one of the options below
No entry fee; No prize or LadderBux rewards (Leave this unchecked)
No entry fee; LadderBux to top finishers (Leave this unchecked)
LadderBux entry fee; LadderBux to top finishers (SELECT THIS, CHOOSE AMOUNT...EXAMPLE 300 BUX)

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